Josh Mayfield


In 2017 I approached SWU Athletics about updating the branding for the SWU Warriors. The previous logos and custom typeface had been created by an outside agency, and the shortcomings were very apparent. However, with no budget to replace existing applications of the branding, I needed to keep the design familiar enough that old and new branding could exist side by side.

I started with the main helmet logo, giving it a more aggressive appearance and cleaning up the arbitrary shapes and lines.

I also developed a version that could be reversed over a dark background and maintain the light/shadow relationships of the color version.

The next step was to develop a typeface that would work for wordmarks and as display type. I wanted to unify letter shapes and improve legibility and readability. I drew squared letterforms give it solidity, made the spike serifs less intrusive, and condensed the letterforms slightly.

I also developed alternates that removed the spike serifs, making it more suitable for headlines and other extended display uses. To complete the character set I added basic punctuation and numbers.

I developed 8 main logos, and made versions for the individual teams. With 11 sports; several color options; pantone, cmyk, and rgb color formats; and vector and raster file formats; I ended up making over 1300 logo files.

At the request of SWU Athletics I created an ordering guide that simplifies the apparel and gear ordering process for coaches. It also sets standards for how the logos should be used.

This was by far the most extensive branding project I undertook, and one of the most rewarding. Below are several other pieces I created for SWU Athletics.